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Arizona Car Insurance

Written on April 21, 2015   By   in Car Insurance

How to Purchase the Right Amount of Arizona Car Insurance

Arizona car insurance is generally cheaper than in other states. That’s because Arizona has very low minimum liability requirements in order to drive a car legally in the state. Drivers in Arizona are only required to carry what’s called 15/30/10 insurance in order to register their car. Those numbers refer to an Arizona car insurance policy written to cover $15,000 in damages to a single person, $30,000 maximum per accident for everyone injured in a crash, and $10,000 of insurance for property damage. These numbers represent insurance coverage for damage you cause to other people’s property, or injuries that other people suffer in an accident where you are at fault. They don’t include any coverage for you.

Because Arizona car insurance companies are only liable for low payouts if a driver is involved in an accident, they can offer lower premiums than in other states that require much higher levels of coverage. These low liability amounts make it less expensive for the average Arizona driver to get their car on the road legally, but they’re considered too low to adequately cover the amounts of money that can be at stake in a serious car accident. The government recently tried to raise the minimum coverage necessary to purchase Arizona car insurance, but the state’s insurance committee voted down the measure. Regulators were concerned about adding additional costs to the amount the state’s low-income residents pay to drive a car.

The state minimums don’t affect a consumer’s ability to purchase additional coverage if they desire increased protection. This includes protection from other drivers that don’t carry enough insurance to cover the damage and injuries they cause in an accident. Regulators advise consumers that they can purchase the additional coverage that was voted down as a requirement for as little as an additional $50 per year.

Most Arizona drivers choose much higher coverage amounts when they purchase car insurance. A common level of Arizona car insurance coverage is $100,000 per person, with a $300,000 limit per accident. Some Arizonans also back up their auto insurance policy with an umbrella policy that offers additional protection after other insurance policies are exhausted. These umbrella policies are usually written in million dollar increments, and are very inexpensive for the amount of coverage the offer to the consumer.

Drivers in Arizona that want to save money are urged to take out policies with higher limits, and then shop for lower rates by taking advantage of available discounts for safety equipment, theft protection, multi-car discounts, and membership benefits from various civic and governmental groups.