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Written on April 5, 2015   By   in Auto Insurance

Don’t Make These Driving Mistakes

We see them every day. We might even do them.  Here’s a good reminder about what not to do on the road.

Right on red without stopping

Have you noticed that drivers seem to think that right turn on red does not require a stop first? It does. The driver at a red light never has the right of way.  It is never ok to slide through a red light into a right turn. Drivers must always stop and look to be sure it is safe to proceed. Only then should they make that right on red.

Yellow does not mean speed up

It means caution, the light is about to change. But many of us hit the accelerator and zoom right through yellows, to avoid the red light.  We act as if a two minute wait at a light is the end of the world. But when a yellow light is short, and someone on the other side is fast on the pedal, we may be hit. And we would be in the wrong.

Speed limit signs are there to inform us

Driver who have been ticketed for going too fast in a 25 mph speed zone are sometimes surprised that the speed limit has changed. That’s because they haven’t seen the sign – they weren’t paying attention. Even experienced drivers do this.  School zones are notorious for this. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour in a school zone and law enforcement is serious about that.  Keep your eye out for speed limit signs to make sure you aren’t exceeding the limit in any neighborhood. And especially around schools.

Any car insurer can tell you that you simply will not get the lowest North Carolina auto insurance quotes if you are a habitual speeder. Traffic cops will find you eventually and you’ll get marks on your record..

Failure to adapt driving to roads conditions

Most of us are in such a rush we fail to take into account weather conditions, such as rain or ice or snow. The first rule of driving in inclement weather is to slow your speed. But many of us do not. That means it would take us longer to recover if something happens. Speed is something we take for granted, but when roads are wet, slippery or snowy, we need to slow down and pay more attention to these hazards. And don’t forget—other drivers can make mistakes in this weather, too, so be on the lookout and be careful.